Interested in Animal Assisted Therapy?

The Canine Effect offers consultations, education, and training for community members wishing to collaborate with their dog through Animal Assisted Therapy or Animal Assisted Activities.

Canines that partner with their owner to work professionally play a special role in the lives of many people, and require special considerations. These dogs hold the opportunity to contribute to joyful and healing interactions, and yet the work may also place stress on our beloved partners. In order to maximize effectiveness and minimize stress, and/or to see if your dog may be suited for this kind of job, contact us for a consultation.

If you are seeking to be a certified therapy dog team with your canine, we recommend Pawsitive Therapeutic Interventions, LLC. The Canine Effect participates in PTI’s bi-monthly workshops that include the following important information:

  • The difference between Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Basic canine training and behavior
  • Ethical considerations for your dog
  • Paperwork, policies and procedures
  • Creative and effective therapeutic interventions