The Canine Effect believes that small causes can and do have large effects. Like the ripple effect, it only requires the tiniest shift in thought or action to create a spreading of influence on another – on a dog. A lifetime of relationship with animals and a witnessing of this profound, mutual impact that dogs and humans have on one another is what inspired the creation of The Canine Effect.



By choosing The Canine Effect, your pet(s) and family are benefiting from Kimberly’s trustworthiness, professionalism, breadth of experience, and kindness. Since a young child, Kimberly has been passionate about and committed to helping animals of all species – especially wild and domestic canines. Inspired by her own healing connections with animals, and by the deep, evolutionary relationship we humans share with nature, she dedicates her life to creating openings for compassionate co-existence and interspecies relationships that fill the soul and help people grow.

As a dog trainer, naturalist, humane educator and psychotherapist, Kimberly brings together years of experience in teaching about animals and in facilitating deep connections between people, animals and nature. After 12 years of volunteering for shelters and rescues across the country, she began working for the Larimer Humane Society in variety of shelter care and leadership roles. The gift of interacting with caring and attentive pet owners (adopters, behavior class participants, volunteers…) was frequently dampened by the simultaneous witnessing of abuse, neglect, deficits in animal care, and pet surrenders.

Kimberly realized that the gap between these two standards of care boils down to this: Relationship and Education. Determined to provide an antidote for her community, she set out to propose, initiate, develop and operate the shelter’s Humane and Environmental Education program. Working in collaboration with the training and behavior department, animal control, and WildKind (Larimer County’s wildlife rehabilitation center), Kimberly successfully helped children, adults, businesses and community organizations to learn about domestic and wild dog behavior, pet dog training, safety around animals, pet connection and care, safe and kind co-existence with wildlife, protocols for helping pets and wildlife in trouble, and how to deeply bond with animals.

Her studies and skills in pet training began while working with the behavior team at the Larimer Humane Society in 2002. Her teachers offered a positive reinforcement and rewards based approach with a focus on considerations for shelter and rescue dogs transitioning to home life. She is in a behavior and training apprenticeship with Brian Bergford, IACP-CDT, of Altitude Dog Training and Uptown Dog, and also trains with the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Training Academy. Kimberly is committed to continuing education in the field and continues to study and be influenced by dog trainers Dr. Sophia Yin, Suzanne Clothier and Michael Ellis, as well as equine therapist Duey Freeman, and horse trainers Steve and Amy LeSatz, and Mark Rashid.

Kimberly received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education, and a Master’s degree in Community & Career Counseling at Colorado State University. She has blended her love of helping people and animals through additional trainings and work in animal-assisted therapy, Gestalt equine-assisted psychotherapy, animal welfare, shelter operations, nature-connection facilitation, and community education. In addition to training dogs and educating humans for The Canine Effect, she is also owner of Relational Rewilding Nature Guiding, where she educates and connects people to their local environment through rewilding hikes, nature education classes, Hike to Wholeness programs, and Lookout Mountain Tours.